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Answering the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY of MPA Degrees

A Masters of Public Administration Degree is a degree suited for those who wish to work in the management area of public works.  An MPA degree prepares students to be effective leaders and design and implement policy in the public sector. MPA professionals find their place in a variety of non-profit, government, or private settings while fulfilling important roles in public administration.

Although MPA Degrees borrow course content from degrees in Public Policy and Business Administration, they are uniquely formatted for those who are specifically interested in working with the public in a variety of ways, including public works and government.

There are so many exciting programs and colleges offering degrees in Public Affairs and Administration, many of whom offer their coursework entirely online, making going back to school easier for working professionals and unconventional students. Our site has evaluated countless programs in order to find the best of the best in a variety of formats and specialties.


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