A Master of Public Administration is a post-graduate degree that focuses on teaching employees the skills needed to serve as managers and administrators within both the public and private sectors. The courses covered in the MPA program are diverse and can include such topics as economics, human resources, legal issues, urban development, and criminal justice.

Deciding to earn your MPA degree can be both exciting and overwhelming. For starters, it’s exciting to learn about the vast array of job opportunities available within this diverse field. The number of companies that hire MPA degree grads continues to rise on a regular basis. This means that a recent graduate has an excellent chance of landing the type of job they’re most interested in right off the bat.

The following is a list of fifteen well-known companies that employ graduates with an MPA degree to give you a better indication of the varied type of companies you could be working for some day. As you will see, MPA Degree jobs are virtually limitless.

15 Companies that Hire MPA Degree Grads

The following list has been put together to give you an idea of the number of career possibilities that exist with an MPA degree. This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good idea of the broad range of jobs possible.


One of the world’s largest retailers, Wal-Mart relies on the expertise of those with an MPA on a daily basis. In fact, the current vice-president of the company has earned an MPA degree. Public administrators are needed to create and enforce policies that the company depends on to run smoothly and to remain as productive as they can possibly be.


A news organization might not have even come to mind as you were considering possible career options within the public administration field. However, CNN is one of our nations leading sources for current affairs and world news that affect the entire United States. MPA degree recipients receive thorough training in public policy on a national and international level, making them excellent candidates for administrative roles within news organizations.


Information technology is a rapidly expanding field, and those who have an interest in both administration and technology would be a perfect fit for a company like Google. Technology based companies like Google and many others that are similar hire MPA degree recipients to coordinate their communications both inside the company and across their various branches. The laws and policies governing such a rapidly growing company are always being changed or updated. MPA degree recipients are the ones generally in charge of creating and updating the policies and programs that keep such large companies operating in a smooth manner.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks and other major motion picture associations depend on public administrators to keep their vast numbers of animators working harmoniously and communicating well. This type of job will also allow for a bit more creative flair as well as the possibility for more prestige and visibility.


The automotive giant Mercedes-Benz depends on administrative professionals to be in charge of their marketing operations. MPA grads can also be in charge of helping to create and enforce the policies that ensure such companies remain in compliance with safety protocols during their manufacturing process.

Nationwide Insurance

We’ve all seen the television commercials for Nationwide, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Nationwide and other companies like it depend on those with public administrative degrees to create the hundreds of programs that are utilized by their franchisees.

Whole Foods Markets

As one of the nation’s leaders in providing natural and health foods, Whole Foods Markets depends on individuals with an MPA degree to head up their corporate offices. Their job duties include creating and managing a large scale corporation as well as controlling the advertising that such a company depends on for growth.

Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest healthcare and medical facilities in the United States. Cleveland Clinic depends on those with an MPA degree to help create and implement the programs that affect the type of quality health care received by hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Quicken Loans

MPA graduates who have a particular interest in finance, business administration, and public policy may be interested in working for a company such as Quicken Loans. These types of specialists are sought after by such companies to ensure their programs operate in a smooth manner and that they are able to continue providing the type of service their customers depend on.

Recreational Equipment (REI)

REI is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of sports and outdoor equipment. Companies such as REI rely on the expertise of MPA grads to control all the vital operations of their corporate offices. Employees may even qualify for excellent discounts and can receive many other benefits based on their employment.


AmeriCorps is one our nation’s largest non-profit organizations that provide educational, health care, and environmental help to a large number of areas throughout the United States. Recipients of an MPA degree are utilized to oversee the programs used by the organization to provide this vital assistance to those in need.

The White House

Many of the cabinet members that work one-on-one with the President of the United States are recipients of MPA degrees. While this is a highly competitive area within the range of career options available with this degree, it can be an amazing place to work or complete an internship for those who qualify and seek it out.

The United Nations

There are a number of MPA career possibilities within the United Nations, all of which allow an employee to work with individuals from all cultures and all locations across the globe. Career responsibilities within the capacity involve analyzing, creating, and implementing vital policies suggested by other countries and determining how such policies will affect the United States and its citizens.

Central Intelligence Agency

The CIA is our nation’s primary source of information and intelligence. This information is relied upon for the proper functioning of our government and for the safety of government officials as well as private citizens. Those with MPA degrees are sought after by organizations such as the CIA to create and implement a large number of policies required to keep this organization functioning properly.


CISCO boasts the nation’s largest number of telecommuters and relies on MPA degree graduates to implement the policies and procedures that keep the company operating smoothly.

Is an MPA Degree Right for Me?

Deciding upon a career and pinpointing the right major for you is a daunting task full of questions and concerns. While you want to be able to earn a good salary, it’s also likely very important to you that you find a job that fits your interests and personality traits.

Due to the wide variety of subjects that must be mastered when studying for your MPA degree , the range of job possibilities is almost endless. Whether you want to work in the public, private, or non-profit sectors will depend on our own career goals and which sector seems to be the best fit for you personally. Whatever sector you choose to work in, the list of companies that hire MPA degree grads will continue to grow over the coming decades. This means that earning an MPA degree will continue to provide some of the most diverse career options possible, ensuring you are able to find a job that fits your interests, personality, and skill set.