Public Administration Blogs for Students, Government Workers and Everyone Else

  • CitiesSpeak
  • GovGirl
  • Student Life Blogs
  • GovBeat
  • Watchblog

Public administration is an exciting field that offers career stability, excellent benefits and a sense of purpose. However, gaining a true sense of the day-to-day work responsibilities of administrators can be challenging – partly because civil servants work in diverse areas. Blogs by public administrators can help illuminate what a typical workday is like, what skills great administrators need and the rewards of working in the field.

1. CitiesSpeak

The National League of Cities runs the CitiesSpeak blog to deliver content about local government management to interested readers. Staff writers provides updates on legal news, data-driven approaches to city management and current events. Practicing public administrators will want to bookmark this site to keep track of new developments in the field; students will enjoy seeing potential areas of expertise. Pictures, videos and audio keep posts engaging, and the blog uses a fun, casual style so readers can quickly absorb content.

2. GovGirl

Kristy Dalton uses the Gov Girl blog to share her expertise as a former city government web expert. She writes articles centered on social media practices in government. Recent blog titles include “Should your agency do social media training?” and “The case for the social media coordinator.” She has extensive archives covering career advice and media management tips, and she encourages public administrators to use social media to build genuine connections with citizens. GovGirl is the perfect stop for new social media managers or young government workers who are asked to take over their department’s online presence and aren’t sure where to start.

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3. Student Life Blogs

Most public administrators have an MPA, but these programs vary greatly from school to school. One way to get real insight into student and academic life at graduate programs is to read a student’s blogs. Some schools offer scholarships for students willing to share details about their studies. These blogs can give information on admission standards, course load and networking opportunities at some of the biggest MPA programs in the country.

4. GovBeat

The Washington Post newspaper maintains a blog dedicated to state and local government news. ve Labeled “the pulse of state and local government,”GovBeat is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to learn more about what really matters to government workers, policy wonks and elected officials. Infographs, in-depth reporting, and partnerships with local news agencies keep content fresh and interesting.

5. Watchblog

The federal U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) regularly updates the Watchblog, allowing public policy experts and average citizens to keep up with government fiscal policy. The blog identifies poorly funded programs, promotes fiscal responsibility at all levels of government and highlights the need for good management in government agencies. Recent posts have covered diverse topics like E-cigarette import taxation, problems with funding the F-35 fighter jet and the troubling backlog in running background investigations on new federal workers.

Networking with government workers, professors, and private companies can provide an even broader picture of the type of work that public administrators do. Because workers in this specialty have such diverse job duties, it’s impossible for a single blog – or even a list of 5 public administration blogs – to capture every detail of the field.