Public Administration Conferences To Attend in the South

  • The Center For Public And Nonprofit Management 2018 Public Administration Research Conference
  • ASPA 2018 Conference
  • South By Southwest 2018 Government Conference
  • ASPA South Florida Chapter’s 12th Annual Best Practices Conference
  • SECoPA 2018 Conference

Public administration officials are helped by the annual conferences that discuss the field’s current issues; conferences taking place in the South in 2018 are no different. With debate surrounding whether or not the government should be run like a business and other important factors, public administrations officials are in need of annual events that can act as a forum. Here are the five public administration conferences a professional in the field should not miss in 2018.

The Center For Public And Nonprofit Management 2018 Public Administration Research Conference

The University of Central Florida houses the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management, an institution that is known for conducting annual research conferences. In 2018, this conference has been titled “A Return to ‘Governance in Dark Times’? Creating Spaces for Citizen Dialogue, Encouraging Engagement in Public Life, and Ensuring Government Transparency and Accountability.” This long title refers to the fact that next year’s conference will focus on public administration in an era where secrecy is the name of the game of the current administration. This small conference, which averages about 100 researchers and experts every year, is always held on campus in Orlando, Florida. It is an exceptional conference that focuses on research papers and open debates about the most pressing issues in the field.

ASPA 2018 Conference

The American Society for Public Administration has just adjourned its 2017 conference and is already gearing up for 2018. A call for proposals has already been sent out and while not much is known yet about the 2018 conference, including its main topic, it has already been set to take place in Denver, Colorado, in March. This four-day conference is for networking purposes; it also allows public administrators the chance to have their research papers peer-reviewed by colleagues. Workshops and lectures are also expected, and while the keynote speaker has yet to be unveiled, it is thought it will be a leader in the field.

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South By Southwest 2018 Government Conference

While best known for housing an internationally recognized film festival, South by Southwest, known as SXSW, also hosts a variety of conferences. This year, it will continue its tradition of hosting a government conference; the keynote speaker this year will be London Mayor Sadiq Khan. This conference does not focus solely on public administration, but professionals in the field will know it is an excellent conference to attend, especially for networking opportunities as well as its lecture series. Lectures focus on public administration’s effects on government, privacy, geospatial intelligence, and more. Held annually in March in Austin, Texas, SXSW is one of the best conferences for public administration professionals.

ASPA South Florida Chapter’s 12th Annual Best Practices Conference

The South Florida chapter of ASPA is known for its Best Practices Conference, which in 2018 will be held in Cutler Bay, Florida. It is one of the earliest conferences for public administrators and will commence in February. This year’s topic is “Municipal Innovation and Civic Engagement” and will focus on how society can influence public administration through the power of voting and through other means. As with most other public administration conferences, not much else other than the topic has been announced, but more information is thought to be released soon.

SECoPA 2018 Conference

The Southeastern Conference for Public Administration has been an annual event since 1969. Held annually in Hollywood, Florida, next year’s conference dates and topics have yet to be announced but is being included in this list because it is a must-attend conference for professionals in the area. There are scholarly discussions, networking opportunities, and a lecture series that take place over three days. Many high-ranking public administration officials take the time to attend, making it an exceptional event for local and state officials, researchers, and even public administration students.

Public administration has been deemed critical for the safety and security of both our government and nonprofits working in America. It’s important that these professionals be given access to annual events that will expand their knowledge of the field. These five conferences about public administration in the South in 2018 are a great place to start looking for annual events for any professional in the field.