Public Administration Conferences in the West

• 101st Annual CAPPO Conference
• 2018 National COMPA Conference
• ASPA 2018 Annual Conference
• Transforming Local Government Conference
• Arizona Digital Government Summit 2018

Practitioners looking into conferences about public administration will find that the West hosts several annual forums for exchanging ideas on government policy. Whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, public administration conferences will teach you the best practices for meeting constituents’ needs.

Known for birthing women’s suffrage and the Free Speech Movement, the West is a conference hot spot. The Census reports that the West has 23.7 percent of the U.S. population, around 76.65 million people, to serve. Public administration challenges are pressing as more Americans inundate the West, especially the fastest-growing state of Utah. Gain the upper hand with innovative policy strategies by attending these Western public administration conferences during 2018.

1. 101st Annual CAPPO Conference: Palm Springs, CA

January 8-12, 2018

Chaired by Portia Mina, CPSM, the California Association of Public Procurement Officials will kick off the New Year with its 101st Annual Conference at the Palm Springs Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center. Priced at $395 total for CAPPO members, the five-day event will give public administrators the latest strategies for buying goods and services. Starting with a keynote address by Tammy Rimes, the agenda includes the New Buyers Basics Workshop, Charity Walk/Run, and FBI Special Presentation.


2. 2018 National COMPA Conference: Los Angeles, CA

February 12-14, 2018

Centered on the theme “Inspiring Leadership During Challenging Times,” the 2018 National Conference of Minority Public Administrators (COMPA) will begin in February at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. Offering an Early Bird rate of $250, it’s one of the most affordable, three-day conferences about public administration that predicts 500+ attendees of diverse ethnicities. Along with the anticipated Liddell Student Policy Debate, the event will have workshops in 10 specialized tracks like Gender Discrimination and Healthcare Disparities.


3. ASPA 2018 Annual Conference: Denver, CO

March 9-13, 2018

Founded in 1939, the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) will invite its nearly 10,000 members to the 2018 Annual Conference in early March in Denver. Devoted to the theme “Mission Focused and Service First,” the five-day blockbuster event offers administrators 10 categorized tracks, such as Emergency Management and Public Finance. Costing members $539 total, this Western conference will also include the Founders’ Fellows Class, Salute to Public Servants, Elliot Richardson Lecture, and Student Summit.


4. Transforming Local Government Conference: Tacoma, WA

April 3-6, 2018

In April, the Alliance for Innovation will host 600+ public administrators from the U.S. and Canada at its 24th Transforming Local Government Conference in Tacoma. Partnered with ICMA, the four-day Western event will encourage freethinking to brainstorm public sector changes that revolutionize towns and cities. Using real-world case studies from Boise to San Antonio, the TLG conference walks local public officials through interactive workshops to address concerns like housing, economic growth, and infrastructure.


5. Arizona Digital Government Summit 2018: Phoenix, AZ

May 15-16, 2018

At the 693-room Hyatt Regency Phoenix, GovTech will present its Arizona Digital Government Summit 2018 for two days in May. Sponsored by Cisco and Oracle, it stands out among Western public administration conferences for focusing on the latest IT developments affecting municipalities nationwide. Participants choose from 50+ sessions on upcoming topics like cyber security, cloud services, data analytics, and social media. Similar 2018 GovTech events are available in Nevada, California, and Oregon.


Penciling conferences into your 2018 timetable is smart to connect with influencers face-to-face, break stale routines, learn innovative new approaches, and bring renewed energy back to your district. After all, Henry Ford famously said that “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Find your fountain of youth by registering for some of these exciting conferences about public administration in the West for 2018.

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