Choosing a degree can be a difficult and overwhelming task. While individuals want a career that will allow them to earn a good living for themselves and their family, they also want to choose a degree that suits their interests, personality, and unique skill sets. Consider the following 5 reasons to get an MPA degree if you have been considering working in an administrative capacity.

To Serve in a Capacity to Help Others

Many people who gain an MPA degree end up working for non-profit or other philanthropic organizations. This appeals to the generous spirit of individuals who strive to give back to their community through helping as many people as they possibly can. If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and leaving your mark on this world through the implementation of policies that improve people’s day to day lives, you will likely get a great deal of satisfaction from a job in this field.

To Develop Stellar Leadership Qualities

Some people just know early on that they are natural born leaders. Natural leadership is almost an instinct that comes from within, and natural leaders make the very best administrators since so much of their job requires leadership skills. Public administrators often end up in government roles, requiring the best leadership, communication, and management skills imaginable. If you are an excellent example for others and feel compelled to perform in a leadership role, you will likely be drawn to the types of jobs typically carried out by those with an MPA degree. This career choice will allow you to further advance your leadership skills and get emotional satisfaction from implementing policies that improve the lives of those around you.

To Study a Wide Variety of Subjects

Earning an MPA degree requires the study of a wide variety of topics. While earning your degree, you will be required to take courses related to finance, economics, statistics, health, legal implications, administration, and human resources. There will also be room for many elective subjects that are often required by the majority of colleges and universities. When considering reasons to get an MPA degree, the variety of subjects covered can be an important one.

To Fulfill a Desire to Work in a Government Role

Some of the most influential people working within the agencies and organizations owned and operated by the government are in their positions due to earning an MPA degree. If you have a strong interest in politics and want to serve in a government role, this is a career to carefully consider. Career paths after receiving your degree could lead you to become a member of the cabinet, to serve in a management role within the United Nations, or to work closely with the next President of the United States. If you desire to influence the policies put forth by our government’s agencies or organizations, an MPA degree could open up those possibilities.

To Earn an Excellent Starting Salary

Of course, it goes without saying that many people do choose to earn an MPA degree because the jobs that can be obtained after earning one can offer excellent starting pay. While money isn’t everything to most people who enter this field, it does play a role in making your decision. Your starting salary after completion of your degree will vary in part on your geographical location and which sector you choose to go into. However, most entry level positions will pay anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 annually. Mid-level and upper-level positions within this field can easily surpass a six figure income. The difference in salary may be substantially between the different sectors. For example, a salary earned by someone employed by a non-profit organization will be very different from that earned by someone working for a government agency. However, the possibility of earning an excellent income is there regardless of what you choose to do with your degree.

Deciding on a degree is difficult at times. While you want to choose an area that is going to pay you well, you also want to be true to your interests and desires. You will also want to choose a career path that plays into your naturally existing skills and allows you to expand upon them through the years.

Graduates who earn an MPA degree leave school with the skills required to be effective and influential leaders. As such, they are able to fill a variety of roles in various avenues of public service. Such work can be emotionally satisfying as well as challenging and financially rewarding. We hope that the above-mentioned reasons to get an MPA degree have provided some food for thought if you’ve been considering a career in public administration.