During the 2011 to 2012 school year, over 190,000 students graduated from American colleges with advanced degrees in business. Administrative careers continue to be a popular field for students to pursue, due in part to the diverse career options such a degree can provide. When deciding upon a degree in business administration, it’s important to take note of what types of jobs you will be able to acquire upon graduation. MPA degree jobs vary a great deal depending on what sector you choose to work in. Your choice will likely depend somewhat on your specific career goals and your unique personality traits. The following list outlines a few of the many career possibilities available with an MPA degree.

Public Sector Job Choices

There are many possible job options in the public sector for a recent graduate. Depending on your interests and personality, you may choose to seek employment in any of the following areas.

Homeland Security

The threat of terrorism is a constant fear for many Americans. The Department of Homeland Security employs individuals with administrative degrees to help create and enforce the policies that are designed to keep our country and its residents safe from this type of harm.

Health Career

There are many possible job options with the health field. For those who want to work directly with the public, administrative roles with the Centers for Disease Control or even local health departments may hold appeal. The CDC employs individuals with administrative skills to help create and enforce public policies designed to protect the health and well-being of American residents. Local health departments must implement the same types of policies but on a smaller and more localized scale.

City Manager

As a manager of a large or small city, you will be in charge of the policies that affect the daily operations of life within that location. The duties of this type of job can cover a wide variety of areas including budgeting and allocating funds appropriately to handling city transportation policies to increase the effectiveness of the city overall. This job allows for both in-depth administrative skills as well as the development of advanced leadership and people skills.

Criminal Justice

The criminal justice field is a large one with many career options. The criminal justice system relies heavily on a wide variety of policies and procedures that are required for the proper functioning of a society from a legal aspect. A deep understanding of the criminal justice system and local laws is required to properly carry out the requirements of this type of job. Excellent communication and leadership skills are also a must in this field.

Urban Development

Public administration roles within the area of urban development serve an important function. As cities go through periods of growth and change, the current policies affecting the daily operations of that city may need to be changed or updated. Public administrators help develop and implement these updated policies and programs that help a growing city operate in a smooth fashion.

Private Sector Job Choices

For those who prefer to remain in the background rather than directly in the public eye, job opportunities within the private sector may hold more appeal to them. The job options listed below are just a few possibilities for recent graduates with an MPA degree.

CEO of a Corporation

Within the private sector, many students who earn an MPA degree choose to work as the CEO or director of a large corporation. As a CEO, an employee will have the opportunity to create and implement programs that help increase a corporations productivity and bottom line. In addition, it allows an employee to hone their management skills as they oversee the work of other employees and lead large groups of people.

Human Resources

Many opportunities for jobs within human resources are available in both public and private sectors. In private sectors, an employee working within human resources will likely be in charge of interviewing and hiring new employees, administering employee benefits and compensation, and resolving any issues that might arise between employees and upper management.

Non-Profit Organizations

There is also a wide range of MPA degree jobs available within the non-profit sector. Non-profit organizations are constantly seeking skilled employees to help develop and implement the programs that help them operate in a successful manner. Not only do employees get to further develop their administrative skills, but they also get to do so while supporting a cause that is important to them in a personal way.

In conclusion, it’s obvious that careers in public administration continue to be popular choices among today’s graduates. Part of the reason for their appeal is that they offer such a broad array of career choices depending on whether a person chooses to work in the public, private, or non-profit sector. Additionally, the types of careers that are available with either a traditional or online MPA degree allow an individual to express his unique interests and skills while working for a cause that he believes in, especially if he chooses to work within the non-profit sector. Regardless of which sector a recent graduate chooses to go into, MPA degree jobs will continue to be in high demand over the coming decades.

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